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Our Special Children Martial Arts, Kids Martial Arts, Taekwon-Do for Kids classes are designed to help bring your child develop and maintain a positive attitude and physical fitness. It is vital that at a young age our children build the habit of, “Investing in themselves.” This includes taking care of their body, their mind, and their soul.

At Peel Taekwon-Do we educate our children through martial arts. Respect, discipline, and having fun in a safe and caring environment are our priorities. Our children/kids program was made specifically for this age group. We are growing fast! As a parent/guardian you will see your child gain physical, mental focus and spiritual fitness. We welcome you and your child.

We provide proper safety gear, certificate and a solid belt to all our training students.


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Other aspects of our martial arts and Taekwon-Do for kids program include:

  • Goal Oriented: the programs are designed to help your child reach his/her goals.
  • Mentor-ship: our dedicated instructors help each student through encouragement, praise, and positive reinforcement.
  • Mental Attitude: we focus on ensuring your child maintains positive attitude and provides encouragement for all other students.
  • Fun and educational: we try our best to make sure each class is fun, challenging, and educational for your child.


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Our 5 Stars Training Locations In The GTA

Brampton - Bovaird Location
170 Bovaird Drive West, Unit # 9
Brampton, Ontario L7A 1A1

Brampton – Ebenezer Location
4525 Ebenezer Road, Unit # 25
Brampton, Ontario L6T 2K8

Markham – Nashdene Location
151 Nashdene Road, Unit # 33
Markham, Ontario M1V 4C3

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