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My name is Sanjeevan Rajagopal, I started Taekwon-Do when I was 9 years old and as the years progressed my passion for Taekwon-Do started to grow more and more and eventually got me to where I am today. I’ve been doing Taekwon-Do for 8 years and 5 years later, I received my first degree black belt. During my time at Peel Taekwon-Do, I have earned Most Inspiring Instructor in EFC Black Belt Schools-Canada in 2012 and Instructor of the Year for Peel Taekwon-Do in 2013. My goal as an instructor is to pass on, not only the Martial Arts aspects of what I have learned but also, the morals I have obtained throughout the years. At Peel Taekwon-Do, your goal is to be a black belt excellence, we strive to insure that all our students are as successful as can be.


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